Gas Meter

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Gas Meter


Gas Meter G-1.6

  • Gas Meters are in compliance with OIML International Standards and suitable for houses, commercial and industrial areas.
  • Gas Meters come to eliminate the crank noise and locking problem in cold season by adapting engineering plastics,
    gas valves and valve seats.
  • Gas Meters employ a round metering diaphragm that is not transformed by change of temperature so
    that the stable accuracy curve is obtained.


Max flow rate Qmax 2.5㎥/h
Min flow rate Qmin 0.016㎥/h
Pmax 10kPa
Volume per 1 Rev 0.7ℓ/rev
Max indication volume 9999.999㎥
Min indication volume 0.2ℓ
Accuracy Qmin ≤ Q <0.1Qmax : ±3%, 0.1Qmax ≤ Q ≤ Qmax : ±1.5%
Inlet/Outlet Port location Inlet: Left side, Outlet: Right side R type
Inlet: Right side, Outlet: Left side L type
Inlet/Outlet Port distance 130mm
Inlet/Outlet Port Screw Dim M34 × 1.5, M26 × 1.5, W36.3 × 11.5
Normal operating Temp -20 ~ +60
Weight(Kg) 1.74
Applicable Gases LNG, LPG
Accessories(Option item)for piping & supporting Union(PT3/4 inch), Union nut(M34 , P1.5 or W36.3 or M25 or M26), Gasket



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